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I’m reading your palm and it says it belongs on my butt

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i finished the game and i’m an emotional wreck and i’m crying and i don’t know if they’re happy or sad tears and i’m gonna write my final update tomorrow when i’m not cycling between crying and hysterical laughter

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date a girl who’s me 

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sayonara byebye

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reblog if you are sorry ms. jackson and also are for real

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penultimate mass effect trilogy update: closing in on the end here. i kinda don’t ever wanna stop playing. i met with the admirals of the migrant fleet and tali’s one of them now! i told my sister that i’m super proud of my current and former crew.

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oh! also, grunt broke a window breaking out of the hospital, climbed the krogan monument on the presidium, set a c-sec car on fire, stole the flaming c-sec car, crashed it, and ate some noodles. it was amazing.

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a long time ago or another universe, a coronation, and a first meeting

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